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Saint Germain

More Than a Restaurant

A different kind of dinner and show.

In order to get people to understand the type of restaurant Saint Germain was, we had to show them, both at the restaurant and in media outlets with a very modernized approach. The best part about the adventure is opening up your palate to new and exciting things. 

It didn't matter how you were dressed, where you came from, or what the occasion was, people from all walks of life came to Saint Germain for the spectacle of always being taken somewhere new. Even if you were a regular, everything was always a surprise.  It becam an experience worth having over and over again. 

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After coming back to Norfolk from training all over the world, Chef Hledik wanted to create a restaurant that would liven up the food culture. Being based of the Saint of Alchemy, Saint Germain was created and lived up to its mysterious name.

Science + Good Food = Virality?

From the smells the moment you walk in the door, a fresh crafted cocktail, looking into the eyes of the various taxidermy on the walls, watching all the scientific machines create new concoctions, and a worldly menu that constantly changes to guarantee the freshest of harvesting and preparation. It's everything that major cities would appreciate; amazing food, drinks, aesthetics, and staffing were all already present, but the locals were having a hard time being able to understand how to enjoy the restaurant.

We worked closely with Chef Hledik and his team from Saint Germain to craft a unique and revolutionary brand identity that actually told the story of the Count of Saint Germain. Molecular gastronomy can be a little intimidating but the Saint Germain team uses it to enhance the flavors over change the visual structure. Visually, we showcased that through photos and go further into detail behind the process in a 6min documentary. Physically, we had to promote and curate an experiential environment from presentation, service, music, lighitng, and so on. From digital ads and commercial bumpers to a digital platform that can host its own media as well as be able to take reservations, commission free, Saint Germain began bringing in more people from out of the state to come for the experience.

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