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downtown norfolk's first fridays

Downtown Norfolk Council

Bringing the Community Together

Reengage. Reinvitalize. Reenergize.

In order to bring the community back together and begin stimulating growth back into the local economy after a global pandemic, Downtown Norfolk Council turned to TOCCreative to help market their ambitious efforts.

Bringing back First Fridays larger than ever, a 16-Block Party where every business could open their doors and interact with the 5,000+ guests in attendance each month for three months.

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The Downtown Norfolk Council is an award-winning urban place management organization (UPMO) comprised of more than 300 businesses and individual members dedicated to promoting and enhancing business, cultural, retail and residential initiatives in Downtown Norfolk.

In 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, everything changed for both businesses and the residences within Downtown Norfolk. The downtown area is home to over 6500 people and it turned into a ghost town in the blink of an eye; businesses shut down and no one wanted to go out. 

As mandates eased up through the city, Downtown Norfolk Council was determined to bring the community back together and begin rebuilding. And what better way to engage with the locals than a free 16 block party where you can eat, party, network, and drink(!) on the streets.

We treated the first month as a test to see how the locals would take to the idea. And with seeing the huge, positive responses and more people and businesses wanting to get involved, we captured various footage from the event to use as marketing assets (x2 TVC & 1 Sizzle) for the other First Fridays. 

First Fridays is BACK!

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